What Are The Three Types Of Sports Bras?

Women's Sports Bras

Women who work out or take part in any physical activity mostly wear sports bras. These sports bras are different from regular bras as they provide more support than the regular ones. You may wonder why some girls only wear sports bras. Sports bras are not only useful to provide support to the breasts but also help to avoid the sagging of breasts. If you are interested in starting to workout or if you are already working out, you should keep the health of your breasts in mind. It becomes even more important if you take part in athletic activities like running, sports, aerobics, dancing, etc. Sports bras are necessary to keep your breasts healthy as they provide support to your breasts. They provide support to minimize drooping and reduce damage to your breasts during physical activities.

Physically active women should invest in good sports bras. To do so, you need to know various types of sports bras and for which activities these are suitable. There are three main types of sports bras including compression bras, encapsulation bras, and combined bras. Let’s take a look at these types of bras.

Compression bras

As the name suggests, these types of bras are used to compress the breasts. These sports bras help to compress your breasts against your body. These bras hold your breasts together and these are most suitable for A, B, and C cups. These bras are good to provide support to your breasts if you are doing low-impact activities like yoga and Pilates, etc. These can also be used for medium-impact activities like hiking, cycling, etc. However, these women’s sports bras are not recommended to use if you are doing high-impact activities or have large breasts.

Encapsulation bras

Encapsulation bras as the name suggests are used to encapsulate the breasts. These bras come with wires and cups for both breasts. These breasts are suitable for D cups or larger breasts. These bras are more suitable for high-impact physical activities as they help to reduce bounce and strain on the breasts. 

Combine bras

These types of bras are also known as encapsulation-compression bras. These bras combine the characteristics of both types of bras – compression bras and encapsulation bras. These help to compress the breasts against the body and also have separate cups for both breasts. These bras also have wires to keep your breasts supported and reduce damage during high-impact physical activities. 

Things to consider when choosing a sports bra

We have mentioned three major types of sports bras and you can choose the sports bra that suits you best based on your cup size and the impact of physical activities you do. Here are some things that you should consider as well when choosing a bra 


When you are choosing a sports bra, you should consider the fabric it is made of. It is better to avoid bras made of cotton as they do not have moisture-wicking properties. Cotton tends to absorb your sweat and it takes time to dry off the sweat. That is why bras made of cotton fabrics are not suitable for physical activities. Instead, choose bras made of polyester, nylon, etc., because these fabrics have high moisture-wicking properties. These fabrics tend to quickly wick away moisture and hence are suitable for workouts and other physical activities.


Sports bras come in different styles and provide different types of coverage. However, if your bra does not cover your breasts completely, it will not be able to restrict the movement of the exposed part. Therefore, it is better to choose a bra that provides greater coverage. 


Sports bras are designed carefully for different cup sizes and it is advised to select a sports bra according to your cup size. 


Sports bras help to minimize breast movements during physical activities. These bras are of different types based on the impact of physical activities you do. If you are still unsure about what type of bra you should choose, you can also seek help and advice from the experts. Plus, you can find the right sports bra choices at Meteor with exceptional guidance to use and care for them. Check out the collection to enjoy the comfort in life that you deserve.

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