What Shirts To Avoid In The Gym?

Gym T-shirt

Going to the gym and working out is not possible without motivation. You need to have a workout goal to achieve through your gym workout routine. This goal will help you to be motivated and continue with your workout routine. However, you need to have workout gear when you go to the gym for a workout. There are a variety of clothes that you can use as your workout gear. However, there are some types of clothes that you should absolutely avoid in the gym. 

Shirts Made Of Cotton

Cotton T-shirts are loved by many people because they are really comfortable to wear. That is why people love to wear shirts made of cotton in their everyday routine. These are not only comfortable to wear but they can also be paired with jeans or trousers to style comfortable and fashionable clothing. Therefore, it makes sense that some people would like to wear their cotton t-shirts to the gym.

However, we will recommend you avoid wearing these T-shirts to the gym. The reason is simple: when you are working out in the gym, you are bound to sweat a lot. Hence, you need to wear clothes that help you wick the sweat away quickly. Cotton shirts, on the other hand, absorb the sweat and take time to dry the sweat. It increases the body temperature and will exhaust you sooner. That is why it is recommended to avoid cotton gym t-shirts.

Baggy Shirts

Baggy shirts are popular among youngsters and many people like to wear baggy shirts in their everyday life. Baggy shirts are loose and allow the person wearing them to move around easily. These shirts do not restrict body movements and hence are so comfortable to wear in everyday life. These shirts are also perfect to wear when you are lazing around at home or going grocery shopping. However, baggy gym t-shirts are not a good fit for gym workouts. 

You will use gym equipment when you are working out in the gym. If you are wearing baggy clothes, there are high chance that your clothes may get stuck in the equipment. When your clothes are getting stuck in equipment here and there continuously, it will affect your workout. Not only your workout is affected, it will also affect your mood. You may get irritated with constant interruptions in your workout. Not only that, if your clothes are getting entangled with gym equipment, there are chances of getting yourself injured. You can get tripped which may result in injury. That is why it is recommended to avoid baggy gym t-shirts

Tight-Fitted Shirts

Another type of shirt that you should avoid wearing in the gym is tight-fitted shirts. As some people love to wear baggy or loose shirts, some people also like to wear tight-fitted shirts. Tight-fitted shirts are widely used as a part of fashion and style. However, these shirts are not suitable for working out in the gym. Although these shirts are suitable for your fashion and style, these shirts restrict your body movements. 

Tight-fitted shirts do not allow a full range of body movements. However, when you are working out, you need to be able to move your body freely. These are not possible with tight-fitted shirts. Hence, you are recommended to wear shirts that are not too tight. When you are choosing clothes for the gym, make sure to choose gym t-shirts that are not too tight on the body and are made of flexible and stretchable fabrics. Such shirts will allow you to move freely and have a full range of movements.


You need to choose your gym gear carefully as it can impact your workout routine. You should avoid shirts made of cotton, instead choose clothes made of fabrics that wick off sweat quickly. It will give you a cooling sensation and does not let your body temperature increase too much. You should also avoid clothes that are either too tight or too loose. You can also ask your gym instructor to recommend the types of clothes that are suitable for the gym. For the ultimate gym wear collection check out Meteor, select the right type of t-shirts for your workout, and place an order now for a comfortable shirt or training suit.

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